How to Make Your Blog’s Visitors Trust You More

Do you trust me? I hope you do, because I would have no motive for giving you false information. I find random tidbits of knowledge on the web, and I figure I might as well share it, because maybe others would find it useful like I did. And I’m just an altruistic kind of person. 🙂

I think the price I charge for this dissemination of information is a fair price, because it costs me nothing but time to find, and costs you nothing but time to read.

And as my guest, I hope you feel that I am caring for you by keeping this blog the way I do.

I welcome all comments here, and my personal policy is not to delete comments that I disagree with, but I will delete those that add nothing to a conversation. I hope you think that is fair treatment.

I don’t post very often because it isn’t often that I come across something I think is of high-enough quality to share with you. If nothing else, I want my blog to have as high of a percentage of quality content as possible.

I’m sorry that writing isn’t a main competency of mine, but hopefully you don’t mind. I try to be as clear as down-to-earth as possible, but I am also always learning.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the only constant in life is change, so I’d better get comfortable with change and embrace it. I can’t guarantee my blog will look the same, or even be about the same topics, in a year, but I can guarantee that I will never let it become a haven for simple linkbait. That’s not my thing.

Your privacy is important to me, and I mean it. If/when I decide to run an email newsletter or collect data from you in any way, I have no interest in using it for any purposes other than my own, such as selling it for a profit.

That was my not-terribly-clever effort to use 11 specific words that Roger Dooley identified as the most likely to increase a reader’s trust in a blog author, as I discovered on the KISSmetrics blog.

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