Currently interested in:

  • building my own PHP framework
  • transcribing and arranging popular music
  • learning Esperanto and Japanese

I am a guy from Texas who loves to discover how things work and why.

I make stuff with PHP, Sass, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and Yii. I’m also good at computer building and repair. Home theater is a minor passion of mine.

In terms of personality, I’m an INTP (the “engineer”) with unusually well-developed Fe – so much so that I was almost thought to be an ISFJ (the “guardian”). On the enneagram I’m primarily a 5w4 and secondarily a 9w1.

Politically, I was raised as a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. In my teenage years and early 20s I counted myself more as a conservative, then a paleo-conservative, and then a libertarian. Now I see myself as a right-leaning centrist.

Religiously, I was raised in a non-institutional (aka “conservative”) Church of Christ. While I left there in 2012 and haven’t really gone anywhere else, doctrinally I still agree with most of the same tenets but I continue to evolve my understanding of Scripture. Long ago, I had a gut feeling that I would eventually need to leave the church for a time in order to truly find my faith, and I believe I was right. Having my own original thoughts is not something that comes naturally to me but is something I intend to cultivate for my own sake — and that is part of why I left. Exposing myself to other viewpoints helps me determine where I truly stand.

I’m currently in the middle of migrating my old wiki content over as I just moved to a new host, so come back after a while and it might show up eventually.