Here’s all of my Amazon wishlists, in case you feel oddly motivated toward generosity. 😉

Default Wish List (13 items)
This is the one that holds things that don’t fit neatly into any of my other categories – kind of odds and ends.

Business (107 items)
All the most useful business books I’ve found or that I’ve seen well-recommended.

Certs (17 items)
One day I’ll get the certifications I want.

Cheap Stuff I Really Want (14 items)
Random stuff that can only be related by price range.

Expensive Stuff I Really Want (5 items)
Same as above, just opposite.

Health Supplements (5 items)
Really not just supplements but any health stuff I want.

Leadership (16 items)
Books on how to be one of those respectable types.

Misc Books (32 items)
I really don’t read enough to match the number of books I want. Still, it doesn’t hurt to aim high.

Modern Gentleman (40 items)
The definitive reading list for a well-rounded, well-educated man.

Moving-Out Stuff (28 items)
Far from complete, but I’ll likely be needing these as soon as I’m able to support myself. Which better be any day now.

php (16 items)
Books all about software programming, mostly as related to PHP, but there are other languages in there plus some general knowledge.

Politics (15 items)
Looking to deepen my insight into the game they call politics. I’ve mostly lost interest in the down-and-dirty trenches, but not the over-arching philosophies.

Relationships (14 items)
It’s a shame that something so necessary to our existence is so hard to parse.

Religion (27 items)
Just continually in search of truth and desiring to be more well-informed.

Self-Help (51 items)
Not exactly leadership, and maybe some psychology.

Star Trek (12 items)
What can I say? I could never turn down collectibles from my favorite sci-fi franchise.

Watches (10 items)
I need a new watch pretty badly – might as well make it a nice one. I fancy a diver’s style.

Web (12 items)
Books on non-programming topics, like Internet marketing, design, CSS, UI/UX, etc.


Lastly, if and when I ever need to replace my Razer Mamba mouse (original model), I might be looking here.

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