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How on Earth Can I Support Myself?

How on Earth Can I Support Myself?

2014/06/22 15:201 comment

I am 26 years old and still living at my parents’ house,and I hate it. I want desperately to support myself and live on my own, but I haven’t been able to yet. Thing is, I want to run my own business–work for myself–but I’ve been hoping to work on that after getting at least a minimal stable income.

Unfortunately, that’s been a bit difficult to achieve thus far.

My previous job was taking customer support calls for AT&T Wireless, and it paid a semi-low hourly rate plus the potential for commission based on upselling. I never could sell much and therefore never made the threshold for payouts, so I didn’t make nearly enough.

Recently, I came down with seasonal allergies, which of course prevented me from doing a job where I talk on the phone all day. I missed about a week and a half before I was able to return, which seemed like way too long compared to times in the past when I’d had the same illness. I ended up not going to a doctor until I was recovering, because I thought I’d have to pay at least a co-pay and therefore thought I’d need to wait until my paycheck came in.

Then, when I finally went to the doctor, I didn’t have to pay anything up front, which was great, except that they would only write a work excuse for 5 days since I hadn’t been seeing them for the full duration of the illness. So since I couldn’t get it all excused, the result was that I exceeded my allotted absences which caused my termination.

So yeah, I got fired for being sick. And now I need work.

One thing I would enjoy is becoming an internet affiliate marketer, although the startup would be slow. I’ve signed up for a search results rater with Leapforce, but I’m not sure how long it will be before the first check.

I’ve heard of being a content writer, but haven’t gotten into it yet probably due to low self-confidence in doing that kind of thing.

Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? Comment away.

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