• I can’t do this often. Skipping one whole night of sleep to stay up for two days straight makes me feel horrible. And definitely don’t put me on the road after that. We will crash in short order.
  • Hey MLH, why is this limited to college students? I’m not in college anymore and I might like to do this more often, but it’s a stroke of luck that I was even able to participate in this one.
  • I need to remember next time not to eat constantly just because the food is abundant, because my mouth will grow weary of food while my stomach may not.
  • 24 hours isn’t quite enough time to make something great. I would say a more ideal duration would be 48 hours and have it start in the morning. This way, people can get a solid day of work in and still have one more ahead of them, so they will feel more free to sleep during the night in between, as they should be doing anyway.
  • I wonder what would have happened if one of our team members had begun to conflict with another on the direction of our project. Would we have needed to work through it or find a replacement? If the latter, where would such a replacement come from if everyone has found a team and been working with it happily thus far? And to what team would our outcast have gone? I’m just glad that didn’t happen, because 24 hours, again, might have been a bit short to accommodate that kind of happenstance.

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To summarize an article I ran across on BigThink:

  • 48% of your happiness level is determined by your genetics
  • 40% is is determined by recent, quick-to-fade environmental factors
  • The last 12% is directly determined by our choice to pursue four basic values of:
    • Faith
    • Family
    • Community
    • Work

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California-based startup Communly states that its purpose is not only to create a new social network (like we need another one of those) that structures users around their interests, but also to connect brands with actionable insights from the interest groups that match their business niche–basically, helping “likes” translate to sales. But let’s back up for a moment and touch on what the real problem is here.Continue reading

Had to reinstall WordPress due to some nefarious hackage. I know I have some database backups somewhere so hopefully I’ll be able to reload some old posts to kick-start the content around here.
Magan Tyler is helping out with the design and stuff.