My Work Personality

I am a “Green Backup Red Introvert”, according to


Gentle and flexible with an intensely idealistic inner self. Keen and penetrating observer with a strong sense of what motivates others. I see life as an unfolding cosmic drama that presents infinite possibilities for humans to grow and develop.

Adaptable and creative, I love a challenge, dislike routine, and take life as it comes. The ability to quietly and unassumingly influence a constructive cause is deeply satisfying to me.

Gifted in communications, I may take up writing or the visual arts at some point in my life.

As a big picture thinker, I am insightful. I am interested in many areas, focusing in particular on those that impact people and global concerns. I am flexible and accommodating to work with as long as my privacy is respected, but I tend to dislike bureaucracy.

Others see me as insightful and an excellent listener capable of a surprising toughness when my values are challenged. In relationships, I establish rapport by being genuine and non-judgmental. Cool and reserved on the surface, I seldom show the intensity of my feelings until I know someone well. Despite my high need for empathetic relationships, I typically focus my attention on a small group of family members and close friends. I get most irritated by people who are intrusive, controlling, and overly critical of others.

My Natural Strengths


  • Explore new possibilities and solve problems in an original way
  • Listen carefully to people, creating trust, and support the development of others
  • Understand how underlying emotions impact productivity
  • Get right to the guts of an issue
  • Can concentrate and work alone for long periods of time
  • Work best without much supervision

My Challenges

My potential blind spots may include some of the following. I:

  • Can be too idealistic and ignore bottom line consequences
  • Can be too reserved, not speak up enough and appear disengaged. (Few know how much energy it takes to listen, and I listen intently. My concentration, however, may come across as aloofness. I’ll try to throw in a few comments to let others know I’m present.)
  • Don’t prioritize and appear disorganized. (I need to sit down and prioritize the day’s activities.)
  • Sometimes consider my own values superior. (Others may compromise or be more realistic, but I may see my ideals as the one true ideal. Once I recognize the strengths of other Color types, though, this tendency will mellow.)
  • May miss deadlines because I am a perfectionist. (Being perfect means meeting the deadline. I should prioritize that career-important deadline over less important details.)

My Optimal Work Environment

I will be most productive and energized when my work culture:

  • Is in sync with personal values. Companies that violate my values may soon see me gone.
  • Is democratic and informal. I function best with a minimum of rules, paperwork and supervision. Rank and status are fluid.
  • Is supportive and harmonious, fostering cooperation and trust. Backstabbing, confrontation and malicious gossip really irritate and distract me.
  • Encourages creativity and idea generation.
  • Recognizes individual needs of both staff and clients. I seek companies that encourage work/life balance and high levels of customer service.
  • Allows for private space. As an Introvert, my batteries get drained when dealing with people, even if my people skills are superb. I recharge alone. I think and perform better in a private space; it is best that I have one if at all possible.
  • Has a boss who is flexible, does not micromanage, has a high level of integrity and takes a personal interest in your development. In other words, I want a superior who is more of a leader than a boss.

My Entrepreneurial Style

Setting goals

For me, goals and plans are changeable, depending on whatever is exciting to me at the moment. Prioritizing is problematic for me, especially when two or more interesting things compete for my attention. I will stick to a goal if it helps me find my deepest possible satisfaction and reflects my personal values. I need a partner of another style, who can ground me in the present.

Start of a venture

I am less motivated by material gain than other styles. I prefer to provide value and express my creative energies in whatever business situation stimulates me. Sometimes that will be an entrepreneurial venture, most often prompted by a change in employment status, a disagreement with the practices of an employer, or need for a family-oriented work schedule.

I will build a loyal clientele, but often think little of sacrificing profit margin to achieve a certain quality of product or service. High customer loyalty and low staff turnover often get an enterprise of mine through rough times when other companies fail. My superior abilities to promote and market also get me noticed quickly, despite the fact that these skills are often underestimated by those more focused on the balance sheet rather than the customer base.

Approach To Money & Compensation

Finances in general

Given a choice, I prefer to deal with other things in life. When supporting just myself, I see money as a tool to further my own personal development and create aesthetic surroundings. The rabid pursuit of riches usually turns me off. If I am the breadwinner, however, my attitude and involvement change rapidly. People I care about depend on me, and I will learn what it takes to provide for them. I am typically a sporadic saver and planner and may have problem accumulating enough to retire. Potentially, however, I can be perceptive about the markets. Social investments are of particular interest to me.

Compensation & Negotiating Style

The money a job pays is not my top priority. Does the job help me grow? Does it allow me to express my creativity? Then, I’ve hit the jackpot. I expect people to notice my good work and increase my salary accordingly. Of all the Colors, I need the most practice before walking into a salary negotiation because I truly hate to argue, especially about money.

Job Search – My Strengths and Potential Challenges

With an interviewer whose style is close to my own, I will feel immediate rapport. In following my natural interviewing style, I:

  • Am quiet and calm. (This can look like disinterest – most interviewers expect a certain amount of nervousness.)
  • Listen well. (I may miss opportunities to sell my accomplishments.)
  • Share values and feelings with only a few people. (I may be able to open up to an interviewer who puts me at ease.)
  • Present information and schedules as tentative and adaptable.
  • See the big picture and present that first. (Great if I’m interviewing for a senior level position, irritating if for a junior slot. No boss wants a subordinate who sees more on the horizon than they do. I should share only if asked.)

My natural career exploration and strategizing strengths allow me to:

  • Brainstorm creatively and get excited by new fields and unusual opportunities
  • Create cover letters and resumes with excellent writing skills
  • Present myself as adaptable, committed, easy to work with and a quick study
  • Create a master plan for my search with hard research and soul searching
  • Network well with the people I trust

In order to tone down my potential blind spots, I need to:

  • Expand your network, even if it feels phony to me
  • Stick with my objectives; don’t change course on a whim
  • Role-play compensation negotiations (find a willing associate to help)
  • Talk more, and sell my accomplishments
  • Spend more time organizing my search

Careers to Consider

PLEASE NOTE not all the following careers will appeal to you, but each, in some way, draws on the strengths of your style and appeals to a large number of your group. If an unlisted career offers similar patterns, you have a better chance of finding satisfaction and success.

In addition two codes indicate those jobs which are currently predicted to have an above average salary and growth potential. This information is based on the data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor available on the O*NET website.

Bold indicates that the career is considered to be among the top 100 best paying jobs based on the average or median salary paid to individuals with five years of experience (Excluded are jobs where statistics are not available such as “business owner” or not indicative such as “actor”).

Italics identifies the jobs that are predicted to benefit from an above average growth rate over the next several years. Bold and Italics indicates jobs that will benefit from both higher pay and high growth potential. Note there are successful people of all Color styles in all occupations. In non-ideal jobs you can shine by creating your own niche.

Note there are successful people of all MBTI types in all occupations. In non-ideal jobs you can shine by creating your own niche.


art director, advertising creative director, creative director multi media team, desktop publisher, designer [decorator, set, wardrobe], fine artist, graphic artist/designer, multi-media specialist, web designer (uses originality and uniqueness, work alone or in small teams)

Business/ Human Resources/Marketing

diversity manager, conference programming, employment interviewer, human resources generalist/specialist, / industrial psychologist, marketing consultant, organization development specialist, public relations specialist, publicity writer, strategic partnership developer (good listening, understanding of human motivation, relationship building, strong written skills), human resources assistant, training and development specialist

Communications /Entertainment/Media

actor, columnist, editor [book, film], film editor/producer, journalist, literary agent, motivational speaker, writers of all types [playwright, screenwriter, novelist, biographer, poet etc] translator (involvement with media, often work alone, language skills, creativity and written skills rewarded)

Customer Service & Clerical

telephone operator, accounting clerk, administrative assistant, counter clerk, secretary, insurance processing clerk


adult literacy specialist, college professor, educational consultant, guidance counselor, instructional coordinator, teachers [at all levels, plus art, drama, foreign language, music, special education], school psychologist (enjoys continuing education, helping others reach potential), library technician, middle school teacher, preschool teacher, college faculty member, elementary school teacher

General Labor

agricultural technician, gardener/landscape, lawn maintenance worker, carpenter

Health Science/Psychology

chiropractor/alternative health care specialist, dietician, family practitioner, therapist [physical / massage / speech / occupational], personal trainer, psychiatrist/psychologists of all types, veterinarian assistant (empathy, excellent listener, keen observer of others), behavioral disorder counselor, mental health, rehabilitation, substance abuse counselor, medical secretary, medical lab technologist

Law/Human Services

lawyer [intellectual property, environment, non profit], legal mediator, philanthropic consultant, religious leader, school psychologist, social scientist, social worker (deeply-held values, intuitive understanding human motivation, relationship building), legal secretary

Social Services

human or social services assistant, home health aide, child care worker

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