How I Communicate

Insights taken largely from my personality profile on Crystal

I am ambitious (at least in thoughts, if not in actions) and usually pretty logical.

  • When speaking to me…
    Try not to interrupt
    Emphasize the future
    Don’t come across as intense
  • When emailing me…
    Point out personal connections like common friends or interests
    Don’t write in a way that might seem short or cold
  • When working with me…
    Respect the structure of my schedule
    Display steadiness and consistency
    Don’t surprise me to get my attention
    Don’t reschedule a meeting at the last minute
  • When selling to me…
    When introducing a big change, thoroughly explain the adjustment period
    Focus on your company’s past accomplishments and credentials
    Don’t use hyperbole to make a point (e.g. “This is the best product in the world!”)
    Don’t expect me to ask lots of questions right off
  • It comes naturally to me to…
    Speak with a tactful, reserved demeanor
    Stay focused when a conversation isn’t particularly exciting
    Follow rules and instructions
    Consult with a small group of trusted peers before a decision
  • I don’t naturally…
    Get bored easily
    Draw a picture to explain a concept
    Feel comfortable as the primary speaker in a group
    Say something sarcastic

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