Who am I?

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Hi, I’m Garrett and I love the Internet. I happen to live in East Texas.


(My Internet digging tells me that the most complete and reliable personality test is one called HEXACO, so that’s where I get this info.)

  • I’m pretty emotionally stable (not too stoic and not too reactive), but that belies unusually high fearfulness, low anxiety, and a high degree of dependence.
  • I have drastically low self-esteem, which leads to unusually low extroversion.
  • I’m a bit too critical, but I have unusually high patience.
  • I have drastically low diligence stemming from aspects of my raising.
  • My inquisitiveness is off the charts.
  • I am unusually altruistic, sometimes to a fault.


I like lots of things, really, but I’m horrible at making decisions, especially as it pertains to choosing which path would be best to pursue. And I’m a little too old to be in this situation! I’m constantly searching for new insights into myself to help me figure things out. My current goal is simply self-sufficiency.


I got an Associate of Applied Science degree in 2012, majoring in Computer Networking with an emphasis on Cisco hardware. I am not a CCNA as of yet.

Career Aspirations

My current career aspirations lie in software engineering, entrepreneurship, and psychology. I know PHP better than any other language, but wouldn’t mind learning other languages like Ruby, Python, Perl, Scala, or C#. I know a bit of Java.


In no particular order, I’m also interested in design, programming, business/entrepreneurship, marketing, philosophy (psychological/political/religious), and health/nutrition/alternative medicine.

I would like to become a thought leader. Haven’t quite got that sorted out yet.

I might like to be a successful affiliate marketer, and I’ve started a separate site toward that end, but haven’t really gotten it off the ground yet.

I have a shortlist of things that are truly meaningful to me. I’m one of those people who would say, despite sounding cliché, “I want to help people”, or “I want to make the world a better place.”

My Issues

I’m not terribly macho or stereotypical and I have issues with self-esteem, confidence, and self-discipline. You would probably find me boring and uninteresting unless you like intellectual pursuits and/or technical discussions. Leaving my comfort zone is a struggle for me, but isn’t that true for anyone?

Magan Tyler is my girlfriend.